How To Choose The Right Affiliate Marketing Network

Would you like to start marketing products on the Internet as an affiliate marketer? Are you not sure about where you should start? There are many good affiliate networks on the market today, some of which might be perfect for your goals and experience level.

For instance, there are many products that you can sell that are physical, that will be drop shipped to customers that buy through your affiliate link, or you can sell digital products. Here are some tips on choosing the right affiliate marketing network, one that can help you start making money on autopilot without having to trade time for money.

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Network?

These networks allow you to join them, and by using a special affiliate link, you are able to generate commissions when people purchase through your link that has your specific code. Once the purchase is complete, you will be credited a certain percentage of the sale, and the more sales that you make, the more money that you will have.

It takes a little bit of time to set up, but once you have everything up and running, you simply have to send traffic to the places where your affiliate links happen to be. If you are able to do this, you will be able to set up multiple websites on different accounts, allowing you to start generating a substantial amount of revenue in any niche that you choose. But which type of affiliate network is the best to start with?

There are many different types that we will discuss including CPA networks, physical product networks, and probably the most lucrative of the mall which is digital products that are for sale.

CPA Marketing

CPA is an acronym that is representative of cost per action lead generation. This means that you will be able to earn a commission every time that someone enters in something as simple as an email address, or a ZIP Code, helping you to generate a dollar or two for every lead. These leads are then sent to people that have set up the CPA campaigns, allowing them to target these individuals to sell them products or services.

You are in essence the middleman, the person that is the go-between that allows those that may be interested in purchasing certain types of products and services to have this presented to them by companies that are selling them on the web.

The easiest way to get started with this type of affiliate program is to start using article marketing, followed by advertising on networks like Google and Facebook, allowing you to start generating almost instant revenues as long as you are targeting the proper keywords.

Physical Product Marketing

Although there are many websites that allow people to sell products and services, tapping into a marketplace where millions of potential customers come every day, there is nothing greater than the Amazon affiliate program, also called the Amazon associates program, a great way to start affiliate marketing.


They make it so easy for you to find products, get your link, and start marketing right away. You can also take advantage of their graphics which include banners, carousels, and an assortment of other forms of advertising material that can allow you to generate money. They do not pay very much at first, usually about 4%, but the more product that you move through your affiliate link, they will begin to pay you more. It is a fantastic way to begin selling physical products, and there is no name on the Internet that has more respect or trust and

Digital Product Marketing

ClickBankThis is probably the most lucrative form of marketing, something that has been around for a little over 10 years. It started out small, but then because of companies like Clickbank, which has reportedly helped 1000 people become millionaires, it is the best place that you can start.

It has many products to choose from, in every conceivable niche. The most lucrative ones tend to be those oriented toward making money, or health, and of course learning how to become a pickup artist. These are products that will always be around, sought after by people that are desperate to solve a problem.

Whether the problem is not making enough money, having acne on their face, or not being able to get a date, once they have downloaded all of the information, they will be able to resolve these issues. It is very lucrative because some of these products pay as much as 75% commission which is far more than Amazon, as well as any other type of product that you can market online. It’s even better if you have your own product because you could then this to it on this network and have hundreds of people selling it for you, allowing you to generate money on autopilot.


After reading this basic overview of how affiliate marketing works, you should feel motivated to give it a try. You simply need to choose an affiliate marketing network to start with, look at the products or services that they have to offer, and start promoting CPA offers, physical products, or digital downloadable products, all of which make tens of thousands of people a full-time income online.

After you have started creating websites to place your affiliate links, and you start to generate traffic by using either pay per click advertising, or trying to do search engine optimization to rank your website so that you can get free organic traffic from the web, you should see a steady trickle of visitors, which will then convert into buyers, helping you to start earning money on the web.

As long as you have chosen the right affiliate marketing network, one that pays exceptional commissions, and also has all of the marketing materials that you will need, you will be on your way to a better way of life selling affiliate products, a way of life that many people live every day. And if you still think you need more info, visit HWA, a great site about affiliate marketing. The guy who runs it, John Gibb, is well-known affiliate coach and you can learn lots of good things from his blog-posts. Take it a try.